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Ethiopian Ecstasy

Ethiopian Ecstasy

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Ethiopian Ecstasy is a light, flavorful coffee sourced from the Gugi Zone of Ethiopia. Its unique floral, sweet and complex flavors make it a delicious beverage that can satisfy coffee drinkers of all levels. With its balanced flavor, Ethiopian Ecstasy is the perfect coffee for any occasion.

Light, flavorful and delicious!

  • Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee and one of Africa's top coffee-producing countries.  The beans are hand-picked, washed, and sun dried on raised beds.   The result is pure, natural coffee. 
  • The Guji Zone is located in the coffee growing region of Southern Ethiopia. Due to the climate and acidic soil in this particular region, almost all of the coffees trees grown here produce coffee beans with remarkable fruity flavors and are also renown for being some of the most high-quality Ethiopian coffee beans. 
  • The Guji region is excellent for farming. As much of the land was an untouched forest, the soil is incredibly fertile. There is little need for added fertilizer here. As one coffee farmer puts it, “The default here is organic.”
  • In general, coffees from this region offer a balanced and pleasingly complex cup profile – perfect for both filter and espresso.
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Customer Reviews

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Robert Johnson
Delicious and Smooth

One of my favorite things is to try new types of coffee. The Ethiopian Ecstasy did not disappoint. It has a silky smooth flavor with just the right amount of caffeine to keep you going but not make you shaky. I will definitely be ordering more.

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