Our Journey

I remember it like it was just yesterday. But then, maybe it was. It was 5AM and the alarm had just gone off. It was the beginning of another day working for the ‘Boss.’ It didn’t matter how much money I made for her or how hard I worked, it was never good enough. This had been my life for years and it was going to stay that way unless I made a change.


That was the day that I decided I wanted to get out of the ‘rat race’ and enter the slow lane of life. My husband was the one who introduced me to that term. I remember times when he would go to the airport on a Sunday and fly off only to return the following Saturday to get ready to fly out again the next day. Or the times that he would get a phone call in the middle of the week asking him to fly halfway around the world that upcoming weekend. That was his life then, now, he gets up in the morning when he wakes up and takes the time to enjoy his fresh brewed cup of PortHarbor.com coffee as he enjoys “Life in the slow lane.”


After much thought, and reflection, I decided that I wanted to enjoy that life with him. A quiet walk on the beach, or enjoying a beautiful sunset or just sitting in the shade of a palm tree with a light breeze caressing our skin.


But how? I need to be doing things, not sitting around doing nothing. What if I took all of my past experience in Internet marketing, sales, and Search Engine Optimization and applied it to us. After thinking about what was important and what wasn’t, it became easier to see a way out of the ‘rat race.’


PortHarbor.com had been his creation for years. A sanctuary where everything was peaceful and serene. A place where everyday was beautiful. Why not share this vision with the rest of the world? And that is way we created the PortHarbor.com’s Treasure Chest. To share the treasures that we have discovered souring the “7 Seas”.