Veteran Founded and owned

As a veteran, our founder started drinking coffee while in the military for two reasons.

1. To keep warm when it was cold outside.

2. To stay awake.


Neither reason had anything to do with taste. If it was loaded with caffeine and was hot, then it was good. That was then, this is now.


Over the years he started to experience the benefits of fresh ground coffee. Then the benefits of fresh roasted coffee, and most recently the importance of the quality of the coffee. The more he learned about coffee and different brewing methods, the better the coffee tasted and the more enjoyable the experience.


Then it all came together.


While he was living in the Horn of Africa, his maid would buy Ethiopia green coffee beans at the local market. She would then bring the coffee beans home and roast them. Each morning, he would grind them and brew a cup of French Press coffee. That is when the light came on and he realized that all of this had to come together for that perfect cup of coffee. The quality of the beans, the roasting, the freshness of the beans, freshly ground and finally the brewing of the coffee.


Now, the quest began. How to put all of this together and to bring it to everyone?


After scouring the ‘7 Seas’ for the perfect coffee beans and the perfect roaster to do justice to those beans, is now proud to bring to the world, the Specialty Coffees.


He now resides in, a unique community in the slow lane of live, where everyday is to be enjoyed, and he is now able to enjoy the experience of that morning coffee even more.