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The continuing story of ...


the Rebuilding of PortHarbor.com

Originally founded in 1995 (this was before Al Gore said he invented the Internet), the founding fathers created PortHarbor.com. Recently, these same founding fathers have gotten back together to update PortHarbor.com. Being that this is a “laid back” community, the updates may come about a little slow. The “Arrogant Rich Bastard (known as the ARB)” has just returned in his new yacht and was immediately greeted by the “Hippie Chic”. After realizing that there was no place to sit down and relax while discussing the future plans of PortHarbor.com, they quickly decided that the first order of business would be to build a new Tiki Bar and Grill for PortHarbor.com.

While working on the new PortHarbor.com Tiki Bar and Grill, The Hippie Chic got on her “high horse” and started ranting and raving about how politicians are always trying to take credit for what they have not done, but never taking responsibility for their screw ups. Ever since Al Gore tried to take credit for inventing the Internet and the government tried to say that they were responsible for all the successes of American companies, she has not hesitated to let anyone and everyone know that the “Founding Fathers of PortHarbor.com” built and maintained this little bit of Paradise without the government. In fact, this piece of Paradise was created in-spite of the government.

Not being a fool, the ARB knew better than to say anything that would get the Hippie Chic more riled up. Even though he agrees with her and in fact has made all of his money in-spite of the hurdles the government keeps throwing in front of him. He knew better than to say anything to her. Instead, he just nodded and worked a little harder to get the bar finished so that they (especially the Hippie Chic) could chill out. He once told the Hippie Chic that if it wasn't for the government meddling in everyone's life, there wouldn't be a need for people to escape to PortHarbor.com. That was a mistake and he will never go there again.


Once the Hippie Chic finished her rant and chilled out a little, the two of them started laughing and joking around. This is what keeps bring the ARB back to PortHarbor. The beautiful scenery, the honest friends, and the magic that takes all of the stresses of life away. All a person has to do is to take a step into PortHarbor.com and intermediately pressures and stresses just melt away.


To be continued.

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off the beaten path

Off the beaten path, miles from the “Fast Lane” of life  I must have been driving for hours when I came to a fork in the road. One way was marked, the “Fast Lane to the Rat Race” and the other the “Slow Lane of Life.” Without even thinking, I found myself driving down the Slow Lane. Maybe it was because I have been living in the fast lane for all these years, and this past week was exceptionally hectic, or maybe it was because I was just curious about what was down this road, or maybe I was just getting tired of the “Rat Race.” Whatever the reason was, I was heading down the road towards the unknown.


As I continued to drive, I could feel the weight of the world being lifted off me. The longer I drove, the more relaxed I became. I don’t remember when I first saw the sign for PortHarbor, or what made me choose to go there, but the closer I got, the more peaceful everything became. I saw signs that described PortHarbor as a piece of paradise, as the escape from the Rat Race, as the reward for when your ship comes in.   Why haven’t I ever heard of this place before? Or have I and I have just laughed it off as an excuse that people use to avoid the Rat Race. The excuse they use when they can’t make it in the fast lane. Or maybe it is not real. But what is real? For years I have been getting up in the mornings to fight the traffic in order to get to work so I can complete in the “Rat Race.” I would work long and hard hours so that once a year I go on that vacation to get away from it all. All the time putting people down who chose a different path in life.  


As I followed the road around the bend, my first glimpse of PortHarbor was like nothing I have ever experienced before. The peace and tranquility was overwhelming. The sky was a perfect blue and the sun was glimmering off the clear waters of the PortHarbor bay. I could see the palm trees beckoning me to the shore where the white sand beach met the clear water of the bay.  


The next thing I knew, I was out of my vehicle, my pants were rolled up above my knees and I was walking barefoot in the sand with the warm waters of PortHarbor bay splashing on my feet. I was a child again. Enjoying the moment without a care in the world. What was the saying people use to say? “Take time out to smell the roses.” I had been so wrapped up in the Rat Race, that I didn’t know what I was missing. Here I am walking barefoot on a beach with the warm waters splashing around my legs, the warm sun shining down on my face and the clean smell of the ocean breeze all around me. And most of all, not a care in the world.


 As I continued walking along the seashore, I started to hear the faint sound of laughter from the distance. As I approached, I saw a large sign. “The PortHarbor.com Bar and Grill is now open!” But where is the place? All I saw was a small table under a palm tree with some chairs around it. There were two people sitting there. A man and a woman and they couldn't look any more different. They both started waving to me and beckoning me to join them. As I got closer, they started shouting, “Welcome to the PortHarbor.com Bar and Grill! Pull up a chair and join us.”


I kept walking toward them, all the time asking myself, Where is this place? Is this a dream? But it doesn't matter. I felt so relaxed, I just didn't want this feeling to end. As I came closer, they both welcomed me to their table. Before I could say anything, I was introduced to them as the “Hippie Chic” and “the Arrogant Rich Bastard”. Any other time, I would have been taken back with that introduction, but for some reason, everything seemed normal. After being introduced to the ARB (that is what the Arrogant Rich Bastard likes to be called), I noticed a huge new yacht in the harbor. He told me that was his and that earlier this morning he anchored in the harbor to help with the rebuilding of PortHarbor.com. Once he got on shore, the Hippie Chic came running up to him and gave him a big hug. They hadn't seen each other for ages and they were both excited to be working together to rebuild PortHarbor.com.


As ARB was telling me about the “history of PortHarbor.com”, the Hippie Chic handed me an ice cold drink. I didn't see her get up to make the drink or anything else, but then we are in PortHarbor.com and what difference does it make where the drink came from. It was the perfect drink to share with some new found friends. As the Hippie Chic was telling me her story, we heard the sound of a vehicle approaching. Was I dreaming or was the sound of a classic Rolls Royce? The hippie Chic must have seen the look on my face because she said that was the Intelligent Blond Bombshell driving up. As the Rolls Royce drove up and parked, the driver got out of the car. No doubt about it, she was a Blond Bombshell. Both the IRB and the Hippie Chic walked over to her and the three of them hugged each other like the good old friends that they were. When they got back to our table, the Hippie Chic introduced me as their newest friend, the Barefoot Guy.


As we continued to sit at the table and talk, I felt like I had known these people all my life. I did not have a care in the world and have never felt more relaxed. This place felt like the home I had always dreamed of. As we sat and watched the sun set on the clear waters of PortHarbor bay, all my daily worries drifted away. This was truly paradise.


ARB and the Hippie Chic were talking about their plans to rebuild PortHarbor and said they were wondering how they were going to get the material they were going to need. IBS non-nonchalantly asked why they didn't take the Rolls Royce Pickup truck out of storage and use it? Without even thinking, I blurted out that I never heard of a Rolls Royce Pickup truck. Apparently one of the previous mechanics loved to work on Rolls and he created his own Rolls Royce Pickup truck (Rolls Royce Pickup Truck story) out of various vehicles and he donated it to PortHarbor when he left.


To be continued.

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the Intelligent Blond Bombshell shows up

As the IBB was driving towards us, she was smiling and waving to everyone. After she parked the Rolls and got out, the warmth and happiness of old friends being together again radiated the air. As soon as they got back to our table, the IBB asked the IRB and the Hippie Chic who their new friend was. That is when the Hippie Chic introduced her to the Barefoot Guy.

"You have perfect timing, as always! We just finished work for the day when the Barefoot Guy showed up.” the Hippie Chic told the IBB. Everyone continued talking and laughing and having a very good time until the wee hours of the morning when the IBB excused herself and apologized to everyone for not being able to stay longer and help, but she promised to be back as soon as she could. All the time, the Barefoot Guy was asking everyone about their story and how they got involved with PortHarbor.com. To hear their stories, sign up for the PortHarbor.com Newsletter.

To be continued.

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