Originally founded in 1995 (this was before Al Gore said he invented the internet), the founding fathers created PortHarbor.com. Recently, these same founding fathers have gotten back together to update PortHarbor.com. Being that this is a “laid back” community, the updates may come about a little slow. The “Arrogant Rich Bastard” has just returned in his new yacht and was immediately greeted by the “Professional Beach Bum”. After realizing that there was no place to sit down and relax while discussing the future plans of PortHarbor.com, they quickly decided that the first order of business would be to build a new Tiki Bar and Grill for PortHarbor.com.


With her normal perfect timing, the "Inteligent Blonde Bombshell" drives up in her Rolls Royce after the “Arrogant Rich Bastard” and the “Hippie Chic” finished working for the day and were sitting down to enjoy the sunset. (Continue reading at the PortHarbor.com Library)



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